Smart Solution for Stormwater Overflow and Emergency Notification


When the light is blue, it is safe to use water for drinking and has no negative impact on the environment from untreated water released as a Combined Sewer Overflow, or Sanitary Sewer overflow.

When the light is red, it notifies the user, at the time of use, if they will contribute to a Combined Sewer Overflow, or Sanitary Sewer Overflow in their community. 

Source Impact Redefined

Deficient infrastructure allows Blackwater to flow into the ecosystem at an unacceptable rate; this results in damage to the environment, fines from the EPA, and non-compliance with national consent decrees for local municipalities.

SWIS is a patented algorithm, paired with a device, which informs consumers when they are reducing or adding Blackwater at critical times.  In the spirit of best practice in human behavior and change management, SWIS is more than concept, it is a program that helps lead households in a direction that will reduce EPA fines for municipalities, reduce Blackwater runoff during above capacity through a phased process.


SWIS is a socioeconomically inclusive education program for healthier local waterways, coupled with emergency notification functionality utilizing a patented algorithm and device for centralized water utilities. SWIS also has the ability to integrate into new and existing smart appliances with firmware updates that can be used for passive in-home notification and allow users to voluntary adjust settings to reduce environmental impact. 


The public communication component provides essential information to communities in order to improve awareness and behavior that can contribute to improving water quality and reduce the impact of water contamination from cyberattacks or “do not drink” advisories related to lead or other contaminants.


Cyberattacks, like the 4 reported in 2023, cripple centralized infrastructure. The SWIS notification before consumption is critical for saving lives and reducing the impact of the attack and is equally available to all communities.

Avoid Fines & Penalties

SWIS helps users avoid costly fines and penalties by providing real-time updates on water usage impact during overflow events. This allows customers to make informed decisions about their water usage and avoid fines and penalties.

Save Money

SWIS helps customers save money on their water bills by providing notifications during overflow events and allowing them to adjust their water usage accordingly. This can help customers save money on their water bills.

Ensure Compliance

SWIS helps wastewater municipalities stay compliant with EPA regulations and access federal funds earmarked for water infrastructure. This keeps the municipality in compliance with consent decrees, avoiding fines.

Real-Time Updates

SWIS provides users with real-time updates on water usage impact during overflow events. This allows customers to make informed decisions about their water usage and avoid fines and penalties.

Seamless Internet Connectivity

SWIS seamlessly connects to the internet, allowing users to receive real-time updates and notifications without any interruption in their daily routine.

Environmentally Friendly

By helping to reduce stormwater overflow, SWIS is an environmentally friendly solution that promotes sustainability and helps protect local ecosystems. 

How Does It Work?
For Example...

What Industry Insiders Say

“The bipartisan Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Act provides a authorizes $710 million to directly address the public health crisis of lead contamination in drinking water and provides a combined $500 million for water infrastructure resiliency and sustainability Communities can use grant funding to assist in the planning, design, construction, implementation, operation, or maintenance of a program or project that increases resilience to natural hazards and extreme weather events, or reduces cybersecurity vulnerabilities.” 

Environmental Protection Agency

“The availability of funds will provide unprecedented access to some of the most innovative technologies on the market. As technologies get more advanced, available data become richer, creating a flywheel effect and further enriching utility operations. This technology renaissance makes the upcoming year an exceptional time to be in the water industry.” 

Travis Kennedy, Water Online

“High-profile ransomware attacks on drinking water and wastewater systems have been increasing, driving federal officials to develop new guidance and stricter requirements in several ways. Recently, a water system in Pennsylvania was breached by hackers tied to an Iranian national group.”

Peter Chawaga, TechTarget

Reduce the Impact of Contamination. Before you drink.

SWIS has the ability to send a proactive signal directly near the tap, before the customer uses the water. During a cyberattack seconds count, and not all homeowners are informed at the time of use by TV, Radio, or website updates in time to save lives. Our solutions can inform EVERYONE not just people who have smart phones or TV. Anyone who uses water from the utility has an equal opportunity to be notified BEFORE they use the water. 

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